VR for Beginners

Get your first immersive level of virtual reality. Access to 12 different games. Watch 360 youtube or Disney clips. 1 Player per headset


  • Recommended age 5+

Full access to 12+ different games

$15  -   30 minutes

$30  -   60 minutes



Grant access to 50 different Virtual Reality Experiences. Player is not bound to a single game, and can try any VR game within purchased time. Due to big variety of games, we can not give tutorials for this session!

$20   -   30 minutes

$40  -   60 minutes

Virtual Reality

Racing Simulation

Project Cars 2

Play the most realistic racing simulator, many different cars and tracks, full simulation of weather and track rules.

$20  -  30 min      


$40  -  60 min

Party Package

Rent a place

Gain access to 8 VR Stations, 4 racing sims and PC gaming area. Perfect for birthdays and events. Recommended 20+ people.


Bring your own food and beverages

2 Hours


4 Hours