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The Difference Between AR & VR

Virtual reality and augmented reality are both exciting tech trends that have implications in the gaming world and beyond. However, these two concepts are actually quite different in terms of the user experience and potential applications. Here’s a guide for those interested in AR and VR gaming.

What Is AR?

Augmented reality involves superimposing images or text into your real environment. It’s often integrated into devices like smartphones, heads-up displays, and lenses. These allow you to see clearly what’s in front of you, but the extra AR visuals are simply added into the picture.

AR has been used in the gaming world in mobile games where characters or obstacles are added into the player’s real-life environment. However, it has started to see use in other industries. For example, home decor brands can use it to create mobile apps that let customers see what a couch or lamp would look like in their space. Retail stores can use it to show pricing or other details over specific products.

It can also be used in tourism to point out notable landmarks or notify travelers of obstacles by pointing them out directly.

What Is VR?

Virtual reality involves a fully immersive experience where your real environment is blocked out completely. You generally wear a headset that provides the video and audio content you take in from every angle. The environment is computer-generated, so you can usually interact with the virtual world around you, which changes the visuals and sounds that occur.

This is often used for gaming and entertainment. However, it can also be used for select training exercises where the wearer needs to be immersed in a completely new environment, like flight simulators or military training.

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