Virtual Reality Rooms

We provide adequate space for you to enjoy virtual reality like its meant to be enjoyed!

     Kaboom VR gaming arcade is inviting you to the opening of the biggest Colorado Virtual Reality gaming arcade. Over 15 machines are ready for you and your friends to show the inevitable of gaming future. 50+ virtual experiences will get you staying here for HOURS !!! Compete against friends and work together as a team against zombies or hordes of orcs. Lots of fun for all ages only at Kaboom VR 


Mon-Sun: 12pm - 12am

10:45pm last call

Home of VR Competition

Beat Saber

1.  Mocha

2.  Joye

3. BaanBeehringer 

Project Cars 2

1.  ZloyRusski

2. OscarS

3. Zaddi

Elven Assasin

1. ZloyRusski

2. VicPoxa

3.  Shradok

Arizona Sunshine

1. ZloyRusski

2. Gaijin

3. Torreski

Top 3 Leaderboard holders receive 30% discount off Kaboom Prices. There is no age limit for Competitions. If you break one of the records on the leaderboard, notify staff to be placed on Kaboom Board of VR Athletes.

Ask staff members to compete on a leaderboard for discounts, staff will be your guide and referee for competition.