About us

    Our team consist of 3 friends that have spent considerable amount of time in video game industry. We came from couch gamers to semi-pro competitors in Overwatch and PUBG.


We think that virtual reality is a new way of experiencing the world while being active, SUPER active.  This is the kind of activity that is unforgettable, it makes you feel the virtual world. Afraid of heights? we can simulate the same feeling in Virtual Reality Headset.


Our vision is to spread VR awareness in Colorado and be the center for the gaming community. Our experienced team will help every customer with choosing the right experience and will try to eliminate any technical difficulties that may come with it.

Here is an article written about VR racing and kids: https://bit.ly/2TZWwQl

Video Section

Mon 10am - 8pm
Tue - closed
wed 10am - 8pm
thu 10am - 8pm
Fri-Sun 10am - 9pm

Location and Hours

970 458-5601

9660 E Alameda Ave Unit:106

Denver, CO 80247

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